Alcohol addiction is also commonly known as alcoholism affects almost 18 million people in the United States alone. Alcoholism is the inability to control drinking due to a physical dependence on the drink. Alcoholism is a chronic disease that is characterized by repetitive alcohol consumption despite health or legal issues that step from drinking. Alcoholics may struggle with cutting down on their drinking because of the physical dependence. In some cases, those who struggle with alcoholism must begin their day with a drink in order to function properly.

Alcoholism is not the only problem caused by the abuse of alcohol, besides the 18 million in the US who are full blown alcoholics, it is estimated that there is another several million who engage in risky drinking patterns or “binge drink”, and this can develop into problematic behavior in the future. This whole separate category of drinkers, also known as “functioning alcoholics” can do just as much damage to their lives without having a full blown addiction to alcohol.


At Sober Living Recovery Center, the first step in helping our patients is to help them work through detox from alcohol in a safe and supportive environment with medical staff around 24/7. We use an integrative approach, combining both conventional medicine and naturopathic therapies to manage and treat symptoms of withdrawal. Once the alcoholic is completed with this process, they can continue in the recovery process and learn the tools and skills needed to lead a healthy, alcohol-free life.

Inpatient alcohol rehabilitation is very similar to the treatment for a drug addiction. Our counselors work closely with the alcoholic to uncover the underlying reasons for the continued abuse and to diagnose any co-occurring conditions such as anxiety or depression. We teach our patients healthy coping mechanisms that they can use in their lives to combat stress and tension. The 12 Steps are introduced as well, which we encourage all recovering alcoholics to continue following as they leave treatment. Also offered is holistic therapy to help heal the mind, body and spirit.


After Alcohol Rehab

What makes recovering from an alcohol addiction particularly challenging is that the drug cannot be eliminated from the everyday world. We inform our patients that alcohol will show up at work parties, holiday gatherings, summer festivals and restaurants and clubs. It’s critical that these individuals don’t just get clean during recovery but learn the importance of building a strong support network, developing interest in healthy activities and continue their 12-Step treatment.